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Heat sealing machine


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Wide range of application

Smooth or double – sided 20 – silk plain plastic, tin foil bags, kraft paper bags can be sealed

Mouth, household, storage, mall areas can be used to give you life and work

To provide convenience and security

Method of use

1. Manual pressure plastic bag sealing machine does not need power switch (automatic control)

Plug the ac power cord into the socket and, depending on the thickness of the material to be sealed,

Adjust the heating time. Place the plastic bag on the sealing surface and press the handle

The circuit automatically controls the heating time. When the indicator light is off, the power supply will be turned off

Automatic disconnection. After 1-2 seconds, release the handle and seal.

2. The sealing place was damaged when 10,000 letters were received, which was because of the heating time

If it is too long, please turn the knob counterclockwise to shorten the heating time.

3. If the sealing is not strong, it is because the heating time is too short. Please put the screw

Turn the knob clockwise to extend the heating time.

4. If the plastic bag is stuck on the rubber pressing plate, the cooling time is not enough.

The cooling time after the indicator light is off must be extended. Please let go a little later


5. After the heating time is adjusted, it should remain unchanged when used

No adjustment is needed for continuous use.

6, hand pressure plastic bag sealing machine can always plug in the ac power line

Source socket. On, not sealed when no power consumption.



Additional information

Weight 1.20 kg
Dimensions 350 × 100 × 150 cm


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