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Maternity Handbag Tote Light Small Carry Bag


  • A bear khaki trumpet
  • A bear khaki tuba
  • A bear large patch
  • A bear trumpet patch
  • Beige Xiangyun Large Size Patc
  • Beige Xiangyun Trumpet Patch
  • The size of a bear
  • The size of three dogs
  • Three Bears Large Patch
  • Three Bears Trumpet Patch
  • Three Bears khaki Trumpet
  • Three Bears khaki Tuba
  • Three Dog trumpet
  • Three bears in size
  • Three dog size
  • Vertical portable bear
  • Vertical portable bear patch

SKU: CJNS1685455 Category:

Product information:

Texture: Mix materials
Pattern: Animal
Popular element: embossing
Style: Handbag

Packing list:

1* Handbag

Product picture:

Additional information

Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 220 × 320 × 40 cm

A bear khaki trumpet, A bear khaki tuba, A bear large patch, A bear trumpet patch, Beige Xiangyun Large Size Patc, Beige Xiangyun Trumpet Patch, The size of a bear, The size of three dogs, Three Bears Large Patch, Three Bears Trumpet Patch, Three Bears khaki Trumpet, Three Bears khaki Tuba, Three Dog trumpet, Three bears in size, Three dog size, Vertical portable bear, Vertical portable bear patch

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